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Derco DNA From Netherlands to Brazil

The Derco of Brazil is the only company of conveyor belts in the country with legitimate DNA quality and durability Derco, the Dutch multinational that is a reference in conveyors around the world.

Our company is specialized in the development and production of customized PVC and PU conveyor belts for all kinds of production line, a feature inherited from the most efficient industrial cradle of the planet, the North European.

With machinery and raw materials originating from Germany and Netherlands, where the PVC conveyors were developed and where branched out Derco of Brazil, we produce the best conveyor belts of Brazilian market, whose durability is up to seven times higher than the others.

The quality of our conveyor belts is a guarantee of Derco’s presence in more than 50 countries and the efficiency in producing conveyor belts in Brazil since 1991, studying and developing conveyors according to the needs of each client, serving industrial, commercial or agricultural production.

The history of Derco of Brazil boils down in precisely meet the entire demand for conveyor belts in any segment and respond to their needs quickly, with high quality and fair price. A custom work, practically handmade, made ​​by a specialized team and the most modern equipments available in the industry.


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