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PVC Dernyl Conveyor The ideal belt for the food market

To meet the requirements in the food market, Derco of Brazil developed the PVC Dernyl belt.

Advantages of PVC Dernyl belt:

  • 110 degree temperature range (the only in the Brazilian market);
  • High resistance to animal and vegetable fats;
  • PVC use pure, which ensures greater durability;
  • Tarpaulins of higher quality and higher strength, which improves alignment equipment and smaller diameter rollers.

All food belts Derco Brazil are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of various organs such as the FDA, USDA, 3A and European Union (EU) for the transport of packaged and unpackaged food products.

PVC Dernyl belts are provided in a wide variety of plies and profiles. Visit here for more information on their application in its market segment.

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