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We are living in the age of communication, and as happened in the age of industrialization, changes occur constantly and very quickly, requiring constant learning and renewal.
Since coming to the domestic market, in 1991, Derco always been concerned in how to relate to the client, seeking alternative communication that could meet any demand in the shortest possible time and with efficiency, is an acquisition, exchange and / or maintenance belts and accessories, as well as assist in problem solving.
Technical visits, phone, email, radio, mobile, website, search engines, social networks and even a great advantage against other companies, the multimedia service are and / or were part of the form of Derco relate to the customer.
And now, once again, the Derco renews its channel of communication with the service WhatsApp.
With the easy of WhatsApp, now Derco team enables troubleshooting remotely or gain time to come to the site with the solution in hand, extending the benefits of the cost / benefit of their services.
Upload Whats for us! It will be a pleasure to serve you!
  • See ideal belts and accessories for your equipment.
  • Ask the maintenance and / or replacement of belts and / or accessories.
  • Upload videos and / or photos for the analysis of our expert team.

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