Conveyor Belt resistant to salt, fat, and high temperature is the solution to the industry of dough / cookies

Derco of Brazil's Conveyor is a guarantee of efficiency against plant and animal fat and also salt and high temperature

The PVC Conveyor Belt Dernyl of Derco of Brazil revolutionized the biscuits production line of the largest manufacturer of bakery products in the country and largest producer of Christmas cake in the world.

Specially developed to resist plant and animal fat, salt and the products coming out of the ovens up to 110 degrees, it is the only one to last up to 24 months without change in the production line. The durability is up to four times bigger than the conveyor previously used by the customer-company, whose durability was six to eight months.

Following the most strict quality standards and the national and international legal norms, the PVC Dernyl replaces with proven efficiency the conveyors that become yellow, crack and loose residues from canvas during the cooling process, avoiding a possible contamination and loss of the final product.

In the case studied, the Derco of Brazil realized that the temperature of the cookies varies between 60 to 110 degrees out of the oven and the previous conveyors, although respect health legislation, lasted less by not support long to fat and salt, and to not fit specifically for high temperature products packaged, unpackaged or craft handling.

The differential of Derco of Brazil in this case, was closely meet the needs of the customer and offer the ideal to ensure efficiency in their production line and complete use of the product during conveyor belt its natural cooling process.

“In a short time the color of the conveyor belts changed and the quality control of the company required the replacement. With Derco’s quality, not just the white color lasts longer, but also the conveyor, avoiding production stops and reducing significantly the costs of our customer with manpower for the exchange.”

Fotos: Ailton Cruz

Exclusive conveyor belts proof of salt and fat

The natural deterioration of conventional PVC comes with two or three years of use. However, this process is accelerated in contact with salt and fats, causing cracks and changes in the final product. The PVC Dernyl can extend much more this process.

Developed by Derco Holland and internationally recognized by the dough industry in general (bread, Christmas cake, rolls, cookies, etc.), the conveyor belt is commercialized exclusively in the country by Derco of Brazil.

The Derco of Brazil studies case by case and develops the ideal conveyor belt for each application.

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