An eye on automation, the national need

To follow the market and be efficient, Brazilian production needs the right conveyor in the right place

Mechanization is a current issue in the national sectors of production, whether industrial, commercial or agricultural. To follow and join the world economy, Brazilian companies have increasingly invested in the implementation of computerized or mechanical techniques to reduce the use of manpower in all kinds of process. Automation is a reality, but mostly a necessity for anyone who wants to grow and rise in their area of ​​expertise.

And ensure the right conveyor for the right place is one of the first steps to be followed in search of efficiency. In the current scenario, as well as robots and harvesters able to do the service of tens and even hundreds of men and women, the intelligent transportation of goods from one point to another is essential. Function of conveyor belts, this system is increasingly dynamic and close with the conveyors of Derco of Brazil.

Developed specifically for each sector, the conveyor belts automate the production lines. In agriculture, for example, conveyors studied and applied especially for each sector, reduce the damage to the harvest and ensure better use of the product. In distribution centers, the conveyor belts already receive packaging separated by robots by barcodes and send them to the correct destination. The same is happening in airports, plastic industries and even in fields of flowers and crops in general.

The tendency is to avoid as much as possible human error. With international experience since 1986, Derco has knowledge of the application of the most modern systems in the world and offers all the support and structure to ensure tested or customized conveyors and technical directly here from Brazil.

For convenience, all Derco of Brazil products have identification and tracking model, ensuring the use of the right conveyor in the right place.

Every Derco of Brazil conveyor is 100% reliable.

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