Derco develops special conveyor for the tunnel test of Formula 1

It’s required audacity and confidence in what you do to ensure precise alignment and perfect grip of the fastest cars in the world being tested at 180 km/h on two conveyors inside of a wind tunnel.

The scenario seems cinematic, but it is real. Specialist in the development of conveyor belts for any kind of application, Derco elaborated in partnership with scholars from the University of Military Science of United Kingdom, conveyors capable of supporting Formula 1 cars testing.

The wind tunnel used by a great English team showed complete mechanical stability and turned the tests in a show in which the car actually runs on the conveyor belt, causing friction, instead of just simulate the wind.

During all the test, not only the car but the technology and the Derco’s quality were proven once again. The conveyors specially developed for this demanding market supported, beyond the friction between the tires and the surface, the increasingly temperature without representing wears, proving high resistant of Derco’s canvas, an experience that can be applied in any field in which high grip and speed are essential.

Developed in partnership with English university, wind tunnel uses Derco’s conveyorof high grip and precision

The same technology and products used in Wind Tunnel Belting (wind tunnel) developed by Derco of Holland in England are available at Derco of Brazil. There, the experiment was performed with the aim of improving specific questions in mechanical industry of Formula 1 cars and also commercial ones.

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A special solution for a demanding environment

The tests were used to obtain aerodynamic data at higher speeds, in which the conveyors Derco, subjected to significant forces of friction and heat, had longer shelf life and consequently, resulted in more reliable data for the sector. The Derco of Brazil has the latest technology and the best raw materials in the world to do the ideal conveyor belts of any sector.

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