Hot and sticky foods? Conveyor designed for factory soft candies and peanut candies

Conveyorsdesigned specifically for factory of chewies and peanut candy solve the problem of food industry that works with high temperature and sticky products

The Derco of Brazil is the first in the domestic industry to prove the efficiency ofconveyors really non-stick to sticky products and totally resistant to 110 degrees centigrade.

Since 2010, their conveyors changed the routine production of the two major Brazilian food industry, solving the problems in the production line of two foods with hot and sticky aspect: chewies, peanut candy and peanut brittle.

The right conveyor for chewy candies and gums.In the case of chewy candies, the Derco of Brazil used the technology developed by Derco of Holland in the famous case that solved the problem of Wrigley’s chewing gum. The European company, as well as Brazilian, lost raw material in the conveyor belts due to the sticky aspect of the product and could not avoid the high cost of production due to accelerated wear of the conveyors and the manpower required to keep them running.

By closely studying the case of Brazilian chewy candies, the Derco of Brazil identified that coming out hot and sticky from the extruder, the raw material fell on the conveyor belt and remained stuck in the passage from one to the other during the natural cooling process of the gum.

The customer-company uses to keep an officer to each of its three shifts applying two liters of vegetable oil on the conveyor belt to prevent biggest waste, which eventually caused a place conducive to dirt and contamination of the final product, since the conveyor belt started to become yellow and cracking.

The solution of the Derco of Brazil was precise and punctual. When testing in only one point of the line production, the gum of chewy didn’t stuck and the conveyor belt was really non-stick to the hot and sticky products. When installing the conveyor belt in the whole line, the Brazilian industry has optimized its production, saving oil, labor and avoiding the loss of raw material and the contamination of their chewy candies.


Another advantage of conveyor of Derco of Brazil for the food industry of chewy candies is its proven durability. While the previous conveyor belt succumbed the characteristics of the production in months, these conveyors designed specifically for this purpose have already reached four years on the production line without the need of change.

Peanut candy and peanut brittle, the stick that does not stick anymore

The efficiency of the non-stick conveyor and high temperature resistant of Derco of Brazil were also 100% efficient in the production line of the largest Brazilian industry of peanut-based confections.

Since early 2014, the company automated its production process and replaced its conventional PU conveyors by the ones specially developed by Derco for hot and sticky products.

The company that previously had employees working directly with spatulas to remove the glued product from the conveyors belts, has optimized its production, avoiding the waste of raw materials and the stops, before mandatory for cleaning and constant change

We are not afraid of new challenges and special cases. The Derco of Brazil has the best knowledge of conveyors belts and develops the right conveyors for every application, whatever it may be.

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