Conveyor and processing belts for the sugar industry

Working conditions in sugar refineries can be demanding and any equipment employed must comply with the highest industry standards available to ensure safety and prolong its service life.

For more than 30 years, Derco has been involved in the development, production and marketing of high quality conveyor belts. Our dedicated R&D department has developed a range of products suitable for use in the sugar production process. Derco’s sugar belts have been deployed by leading sugar manufacturers around the world.

“Used by leading sugar manufacturers around the world, Derco belts are thebest choice for the sugar industry.”

Derco belts have superior abrasion resistance, allowing for a longer service life compared with traditional rubber belts. Tested by renowned institutes, these belts are flame retardant according to ISO340 to safeguard the safety of people and materials.

Derco belts for this heavy industry are made of lightweight materials with the highest working loads and breaking strengths. Special fabrics used in the belts ensure that belt edges remain flat and the belts perform well in both flat and troughed applications. Belt splices are flat and smooth and belts are easy to clean, as they are non-absorbent and easily release conveyed products. With the option of sealed edges the fabric can be completely sealed off, thus further reducing possible contamination.

All of Derco’s belts designed for direct contact with sugar or other foodstuffs comply with the international foodgrade standards of FDA, USDA and EU. The sugar belts also meet the strict standards of ATEX for the prevention of explosion risk, being antistatic and flame retardant. It makes them the safest to be used in a potentially explosive environment. Safety first: Foodgrade and ATEX approved.

In view of our environment and future generations, all our belts are made without the use of solvents.

“Derco’s sugar belts have been developed to optimize safety and productivity in your plant.”

Derco conveyor and processing belts for the sugar industry are the best choice to ensure smooth operations in your sugar processing plant.

Derco develops, produces and markets conveyor and processing belts for most of the light to medium weight industries around the world, and even some of the heavier ones. All of our belts are produced solvent-free, because we care.

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